Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

We direct local customers to your business

We designed Movement Marketing to specialize in only the most impactful digital marketing services for local, small businesses.

Local SEO

Direct your time, energy, and budget toward ensuring your business is seen by local, relevant customers actively seeking your product or services. #fundamentals #duhdoy

Facebook Advertising

For many small businesses, Facebook Ads can be your most cost effective paid acquisition channel, even with limited ad budget. Let’s discuss accessing these new local customers next time we chat!

Campaign Funnels

Online marketing fundamental: Never run a campaign without a funnel. We’re able to create assets for your funnel quickly and efficiently, which means accessibility even with limited funds.

Lead Generation

We’ll connect you with your best customers by deploying sophisticated, strategic lead generation tactics. Plus we’re the only ones to guarantee our work while offering exclusivity within your market. #Built4SmallBiz

Reviews & Reputation

You know you have happy customers, they just haven’t let their 5 star review yet. Let us help with that. Expect new positive reviews within 48 hours of signing up.

Website Development

There are several ways a new website will help your business grow. Check out how we approach website development to ensure maximum value and impact on your online revenue and day-to-day operations.

Online Customer Reviews

Your Biggest Opportunity

Consistently generating new customer reviews is the easiest way to attract new customers and increase your market share. 


We’ll automate this process to generate 5 star reviews while you sleep. 

Demo includes a free online reputation report!